Mantra For Self

Cloudy days like today really just make me feel so inspired. The possibility of fresh rain with a swift cool wind over this hellish desert feels amazing. I love feeling inspired because there are so many things clogging my inner thought process that I never actually get to sort them out let alone do anything with them

* insert heavy eye roll * 

I’ve been working on myself lately after deciding to reinvent myself and become more of the person I know I can be. I took a deep look at who I felt I was and what I felt I  needed to change, from my bad habits to my lack of self-discipline I took mental note and did my best to plan out a new sort of lifestyle for myself. Instead of having each day pass me by while I cower in my anxious tenancies and pass time by distracting myself with Netflix or social media until night finally sets in and I’m overwhelmed by the thought that I didn’t do anything for myself today. I didn’t work tword a single one of the goals that I’ve been meditating and wishing on for so long. So starting today instead of just hoping I make a break through or do SOMETHING, I made a list of things I WILL do

I will to restore and optimize my health

 I will to workout  at least 3 times a week

 I will write and build my career 

I will continue my education 

I will defeat my anxiety 

I will become self-disciplined and organized

 I will let myself feel balance and peace

 Seems like a hell of a lot but honestly it feels like just a scratch on the surface of the journey I intend to take. I want to reach my fullest potential and be my most excellent self, to not just gaze the stars and wonder but to understand the power that this universe has within me. Cheesy kinda? Perhaps so, but, it doesn’t matter because now that I’ve decided to make real change nothing matters but what comes next! I can let go of the burden of my past self and everything I don’t like about her, move on into a new lifestyle with an abundance of health and peaceful thinking.

Today I plan on Running, making only healthy food choices, drinking my weight in water and writing as much as I can to post to my blog ❤


(( Oh just one of the most successful Empires in history ))

It truly is the little steps we take and the small habits we build that create the Empire we’re fully entitled to rule.

(( Don’t worry Dominating the Enemy and securing yourself as a historical icon comes later ))

What are some of your goals and aspirations that make you want to get it together?

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