Power in Purpose?

Well, here goes..
I’m not even quite sure what I intend to do but I really really want to write something. I want to write something that makes people feel and think and urge themselves for change. To shape the way people see things and to persuade them to chase after peace and prosperity.
Everyday I can’t help but routinely update myself on current events around the world and the state of our society. I want to be aware of whats happening to and in humanity. I want to understand the possibilities of our future, not just political and environmental ( while those are monumentally important as well ) but to the quality of life we are experiencing inside and out. Something I’ve become increasingly more passionate about is health and healthy living, not only for a single person but humanity as a whole.

The standard of health that is not only recommended at birth but encouraged and influenced throughout the country. In this day and age we have higher rates of mental and physical disease and lower life expediencies. Its normalized and quite frankly shrugged off how rapidly those numbers grow and how many new cases of developed disease are occurring in the US on a daily basis. I’m not just talking about the well known Heart Disease, Diabetes and Cancer; I’m talking Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, Attention Disorders, Mood and Emotional Disorders. Why are people so unhappy? So unhealthy? So willing to accept its normalcy?

What could be causing this epidemic?

Professionals and media tell us that we need more exercise, less stress, and a balanced diet that follows the American Health Association’s recommendations all while prescribing enough sedatives to give even the Kardashians a break..

My point is maybe the advice your getting and following IS the problem. How well do you understand the products you’re consuming and using on a daily basis?
Now, of course we as humans are very naturally curious and are always inquiring about these types of things and when were met with reasonable and satisfying answers we kind of, just shrug it off ( who needs more BS to worry about in something so simple right? ). While things may seem fine and dandy, did you know that most products that are purchased and consumed or used every day have ingredients and chemicals that are unlisted on the product?
For example; that rich and lustrous shampoo that you love that guarantees that its vegan and Eco friendly with a hint of African jasmine actually contains chemicals that if you were made aware of, would NEVER buy it. In fact, people especially today would absolutely protest at the idea that through simple products we’re made to believe are harmless are actually hurting us in ways we would never have noticed until it becomes a problem, which, even then it would be hard to pin point any harm done by a company’s product.
Yup, that’s the excuse for putting out addicting and harmful products, completely knowingly by the FDA and manufacture. ( Mostly in terms of food products )
” wow that’s crazy to think about “
I know, I know.
While you’re considering that thought, think even more about the FOOD products.
Studies have shown that the standard american diet can be a leading cause to ALMOST EVERY developed disease or mental health disorder that plagues our society,
” Even though I mostly buy organic and look at the labels? I’m sure I’m getting only the best… “
There has been a study by Dr. T. Colin Campbell which he titled ‘The China Study’ which is based on his interpretation of research he conducted in the 1970s in China. This study contains compelling evidence of people improving their health by turning away from the traditional meat based and high sugar american diet and adopting a healthier, vegan diet. Check this Website out for more information about this study.
A huge factor for me in this with relevance today in the US is that we have no idea what kind of GMOs and chemicals are being used in the production and harvesting of these ‘ natural & healthy foods ‘. Chemicals that could be modifying or suppressing our genetics and natural chemical development.
Yadda Yadda, we hear it all the time don’t we? Like with the morning news and stuff ..
Well I’ll be the first to suggest looking deeper into the things that compose your everyday life! I’m sure with a little research you’d be surprised ( but are you really ? ).
Do some homework tonight, think about issues in your life and how they can be related to food and household products. DO you REALLY know whats up ?
Let me know in the Comments!!!

I absolutely will have more coming soon so make sure to subscribe!

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