Spare Change

Honestly, I’m not sure what to say, how to prompt readers to give me their undivided attention for long enough to say something, anything rather, that would establish myself as a respected writer with material worth reading. I will say that I have spent quite some time investigating what people within my reach are willing to pour their own time and effort into reading and writing and boy, do I feel out of place …

See the thing is, what is it that I even want to say in the first place? Whats the point right? I originally got into blogging because I liked the atmosphere and community, which I first discovered around age 15. I didn’t follow through with it ( I’ve created many blogs that were never published ) and yet years later here I am trying to start a fire in my life with this grand delusion that I could make an actual change in someones life with what I had to say. I tried writing about fashion and makeup ( which I love ) I’ve also tried to be a motivational writer but none of those things just felt right for me because my heart wasn’t there, I only wanted recognition, so quickly I became frustrated and did what I always do when overwhelmed … I gave up. Although I had given up I just couldn’t fight the undying urge to try again, to say something, anything, that was really me.

What AM I saying at this point? In this 3rd paragraph of this seemingly pointless blog post… I guess I’m saying that I want more … From myself, for others, from life … It may be that I’m not entirely sure who I am or what I’m doing or who I’m even talking to but honestly, I just want to change the world. I want people, all people to know that the world is actually a wonderful and brilliant place. That the realm of possibility is open to anything. I want to create and inspire. I want people to know how strong and loud they can be, how much change and happiness they can posses, how great this life really could be with a little faith and triumph. Maybe someday I’ll be that story worth reading ..


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