No.2 Pencil

We learned to write with a pencil, soft and glittering strokes that started as spaghetti and graduated into our own personally established script. We’ve lost them and borrowed them, sharpened and broken them. We’ve used them to write notes to pass, to doodle our crushes last name, and even to draw out the inner workings of our boundless creativity. By those pencils, we were free. Free to question, to answer, to create and to dream … We were gifted with technology to create, declare and redesign life as it was presented us.

As we grew, we carried that pencil and created a blueprint for what we had our innocent hearts set on. The more we created, the more we only wanted freedom of choice, to do what we wanted and enjoy just being a kid. Which turned into just wanting to be a teenager and then just wanting to be an adult of course. At this point we have become molded into ourselves, by nature and nurture and by choice. Somewhere along the journey though, along some turn or among some obstacles we set our pencils down. Perhaps it became too heavy, maybe you set it down just for a second and mistakenly left it behind, maybe you dropped it, thinking you no longer had any business in having one, or maybe life gave you a test and you used every inch of lead you had to pass it …

The absolutely most beautiful thing about life is that its been written and rewritten and drawn and redrawn again … You most certainly wouldn’t be the first to have forgotten or lost your pencil, even if you only set it down for a second. The burning urge for freedom from our situations and lives may be unbearable, especially in the sense that we don’t know where to go or what to do or what to say. So I say, pick up another pencil, rewrite yourself into your blueprint, erase it and make it again and again, even when it comes out looking like spaghetti …


9 thoughts on “No.2 Pencil

  1. I really love this post! It’s so deep and definitely hits home for me, and I’m sure it does for a whole lot of other people too. This piece is so beautifully written and just reminds us that we are the writers, the designers and the architects of our future. Thanks for sharing, these were beautiful words! xx

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  2. I love this! What a great lesson that we can carry into our lives – I love the idea of considering a fresh start as picking up the pencil and rewriting our own story

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