What’s the difference between accomplishment and establishment?

Accomplishment is defined as something that has been achieved successfully. – A deed, a performance, an effort. 

Establishment is defined as the act of establishing something or being established. – A foundation, a creation, an installment.

Throughout your life I’m sure you’ve been asked ” What would you like to accomplish? or what have you accomplished?” 

What if I asked you, what have you established? What would you like to establish? 

We all feel proud and happy when we feel that we’ve accomplished something, weather it be school, work, a new recipe or even finally finishing that book. Throughout our days we cling to the need of accomplishment, we set goals and tell ourselves that if we do all the tasks on our list that we’ve had a fulfilling day. Now think about how you do this everyday, you juggle and stress and fight for that sense of doing it all. Yet, at the end of the day, when the noise has finally died down and you can sit just by yourself to find some peace .. there is none. 

 If After a long day of battles you sit down to have peace with yourself and all you can do is contemplate, stress or just flat out feel like you have no idea where you’re going then you need to stop focusing on just what you can accomplish but rather what you want to establish instead.

When I say Establish, I mean yourself. Establish a real foundation for yourself to grow, what kind of life do you want to live? What kind of person do you want to be? Maybe you’d like to be healthier or maybe you’d like to start your own business. Perhaps you want to be more bold, assertive or successful. The root of your dreams, of yourself and of your life, is your foundation. How well is it laid? How strong is it? How much can you build on it ? Within that I mean how healthy are you? Can you keep up with your own life or do you feel like you’re barely staying a float? Do you use time wisely? Do you make time for yourself and prioritize whats REALLY important? (( like it will matter in a month type of important, don’t let emotions control you or your idea of the future )

Before you can rule the world you have to be in control of your own kingdom, your own monarchy. 

Take time to de-stress and step away. De-clutter your mind and dig into your roots to really get to know yourself. 

Do some Research about the things you aspire to do or people you consider role models.

Attitude is absolutely everything, keeping your cool and staying positive ( as hard as that is sometimes ) will make life less tragic. By having a good attitude you open yourself up to better experiences and give yourself confidence to get through the next obstacle. 

Take pictures – literally go for a walk and take pictures of everything you think is beautiful or cool. Review the photos later and let them inspire you and marvel at life’s moments that you just so happened to capture.

You will always be running in the same circles and have the same restraints if you never establish a strong sense of yourself. 

Establish you.


This is all new to me and I feel very strongly about all the ideas and words that I put out for you all to read. I myself am just beginning again and learning how to put myself back together after being broken and thinking that I would be broken forever. Go on this journey with me! Lets grow and learn and inspire each other ❤

Stay tuned for my posts about what to do next and rebuilding your confidence. 

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