Beginning again

What does it mean to begin?

 The dictionary defines beginning as starting; performing or undergoing the first part.

Beginning something is always great, you might be excited or nervous, afraid or curious, but of all things we begin we always get something out of the experience.  No matter if it was good or bad we get something out of it. I guess that’s why as we get older we become increasingly more selective with what we’re willing to begin, because life has given us such a lottery of ups and downs that we become skeptical and timid.

The first part of the rest of your life is something worth beginning, being that everyday is a new chance to be the best day of your life and tomorrow is never guaranteed. Why sit around wishing and wishing that you could change, that your life could be better or that you could be someone else?

First of all, to be honest, peoples lives suck. Doesn’t matter how cool or collected a person may seem. Remember that people only project and post what they want you to see or know about them. Everyone is in constant battle with themselves and fitting into this dimensionless society that we’re all being thrust into. Secondly, as cliche as it sounds you really can wake up in the morning and not feel anxious or sick or directionless. You really can take hold of this day and this moment and decide to let all the pieces of your former self shed away. To pursue your ultimate, happiest self and be at peace in your life and throughout your day. Take the opportunity to change.

Make some tea

Read a book

Make lists – lots of them

Take pictures



Go for a walk

Capture the life happening around you and take the time to appreciate it. Feel the breeze and listen the world move while you stay perfectly still. Let yourself feel, let yourself breathe … take a moment to stop before you begin. Focus yourself into what you want, the limit does not exist. Imagine yourself after a week of living healthy, of taking your vitamins, getting your water and sleep, kicking out the No and separating yourself from your past. Be your own role model. Do it for you.

Everyday you can begin again.

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